First Visit

Where to Park: Whether you are attending on Sunday morning or one of the evening activities, the best spots are found in the South parking lot, off 10 Mile Bridge Rd.  

Where to Enter: All of our buildings are marked with clear white signs and blue lettering. The main entrances to the Sanctuary are accessible from the North and the South parking lots under the covered walkways. Most of our evening activities are held in the Fellowship Hall, which is accessed by the door next to the Office building.

How to Dress: We suggest two criteria when answering this question: comfort and worship. As we gather together on a Sunday, we are coming to worship Jesus Christ - the Lord of all creation! Yet, we also come in the grace of Jesus Christ and recognize that we don't have to impress anyone. When you join us, you will see the full range of jeans and tee shirts to suits and ties.

Service Times: Sunday morning Bible study and children's Sunday school begin at 10:00 AM and finish around 10:50 AM. The morning worship begins at 11:00 AM and finishes around 12:15 PM.


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